Our Dynamic Checkweighing solutions for compliance with weights & measures regulations and quality control in a wide range of industries.

Our range of high speed and Reliable Online Checkweighers that have found an extensive acceptance in various Manufacturing industries of Breweries, Distilleries, Food production Lines, Filling Lines, Logistics and Warehouse applications across the all Industries.

We designed and developed after massive market study and offers wide range of models to choose from depending upon the application specification and requirements.

Offline Checkweigher

Shipper Weighing System for weighing any object like carton box, bundle, etc., offline. An economical cost-effective solution on packing line. Very much suitable for FMCG on the packing line ( Eg. Carton box with a maximum line speed of up to 8 samples per minute). It can be installed after | prior tapping machine.



The main purpose of bagging machine is to automate filling of material in bags at maximum speed possible (bags / min) with accurate weight and not generating excessive over or under weight bags


Batch weighing is a measuring operation in which ingredients or materials are weighed individually before being feed to a blender or other process

An automated weigh batching system can be used to increase productivity, more-accurate measurement of ingredients or Materials, minimization of product loss and reductions in the cost of materials purchased in larger containers and/or volumes.