Tilt Switch System

Load monitoring system
angle measurement

±70°(X-Axis) ±70°(Y-Axis)





tilt switch

Digital output to cut off tipping


Android application user friendly access


plug to play installation

Tilt Switch System

  • The advanced techno product from LCS has made your major safety issue into powders.
  • TSW-01 is a dual-axis, compact and robust industrial grade tilt switch.
  • It can be used in static and harsh environments as factories, automotive or construction sites.
  • The system provides an output when the vehicle angle is more than the set limit.
  • The output is used to stop tipping of the vehicle for safety purpose.
  • Visual and audio indication is ON when the vehicle angle is more than set point during tipping to alert the operator.
  • Employs MEMS accelerometers for gravity level sensing. It uses advanced statistical filtering algorithms and digital signal processing to deliver inclination data about longitudinal (X) and lateral (Y) axis over RS232
  • Has low noise industrial grade accelerometer with low temperature dependence which makes it an ideal choice for OEM applications. The output is available at configurable data rates

Features of the product:

  • Dual axis angle measurement(±70°)
  • Digital output
  • Quick response
  • Robust design
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Visual and audio indication to alert the operator
  • PC application interface
  • Configurable set limit


  • Angle and Tilt Sensing
  • Solar Tracking
  • Robotics
  • Platform Stabilization
  • Platform Leveling

provides load data to monitor overload and trip load. Payload III system is used in dumpers where the system calculates the payload of the system during loading. Report is stored with respective date and time of load. This helps the user to monitor the number of loads made by the dumper.






Basic model with angle cutoff

Basic model with angle cutoff and audio buzzer

Basic model with angle cutoff, audio buzzer and LED light

MOdels & Specification