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Dump Truck

Dump trucks are used in mining & construction sector. Load measuring system(LMS) is a production monitoring tool designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the dump truck. The LMS is used to collect payload data for safer loading practices and the speed of travel to monitor the efficiency of production

Our Uniqueness & What we do, While other onboard weighing systems operate merely as a scale (showing current weight alone), the LCS system gives complete truck data e.g. detailed trip info, speed, distance, truck productivity metric ton/hour, ton/km, etc. We do this by taking other signals from trucks e.g. speed, parking, neutral status, etc and algorithms processing them


Trucks are majorly used in mining,construction,steel plant, transportation &blue metal industries. Leader in axle based onboard weighing for all suspension types The best on-board weighing system for straight rigid body trucks and for all suspensions without modifying the truck.


PAYLOAD-WL is an onboard weighing device to measure the weight of material that is lifted by the wheel loader. The system captures the weight during lifting of the bucket. The system operates through hydraulics of the lifting cylinder. An advance algorithm is used to measure the weight accurately

Tilt Switch System for Tippers

Tilt switch is a dual-axis, compact and robust industrial grade tilt switch. It can be used in static and harsh environments as factories, automotive or construction sites. The system provides an output when the vehicle angle is more than the set limit. The output is used to stop tipping of the vehicle for safety purpose. Set limit is configurable through RS232c