UC-100-Universal Controller

This is an extremely versatile multipurpose controller serving a very wide range of applications. The physical hardware (body) is the same, only the firmware (personality-brain} changes. It takes a generic load cell signal and also encoder (pulse) input signal. It is applicable for any weight or load range depending on load cell capacity used as input signal. It is proven in field, not only by our OEMs, also by LCS brand products.


WT-Weight Transmitter

Weight transmitters are used in production areas which can be found mainly in the process industry. These weight devices with indication display are connected with PLC. The weight transmitters offered by ‘LCS’ are suitable to connect 1 -6 loadcell thru a Junction Box to the device

A weight transmitter provides excitation voltage which is needed for a loadcell (the input). Weight transmitters convert the weight signal (in general 2 or 3 mV/V at full scale) into an Analog output in terms of 4-20mA,0-10V, 0-5V or communicate by RS232, RS485, MODBUS. Also, it has features like   2 Digital I/O’s suitable for Tank weighing & batching weighing applications thru’ PLC. Weight Transmitters has various models and play a vital role in Liquid filling, EOT Crane weighing, Batching, Bagging applications.


AWEW 2020-WeighBridge Intelligent Terminal


WeighBridge Intelligent Terminal AWEW delivers unequaled performance, flexibility, and ease of use. AWEW vehicle scale terminals offer high-quality controls for your weighing operation. Keeps your operation flowing smoothly day and night with our terminals without any break. Without the right data-management software, profits could be slipping through the cracks. Hand-written transactions and free programs are inaccurate and unsafe. Protect your business with our AWEW Intelligent terminal with Inbuilt Weigh Bridge Software, obviously PC not required