Dump Truck-load monitoring system

The load measuring system range of products for dumpers consists of production monitoring tools designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your Dump truck. The LMS is used to collect payload data and the speed of travel to enable safer loading practices and production efficiency information.

The product consists of two range of product namely

Payload – DT

provides load data to monitor, Overspeed and trip data including a cycle time which gives efficiency of dumpers by calculating TPH Payload-DT measures, displays, and records the weight of the material being carried by off-road truck (Dumper)

  • Loading, hauling, Dumping, return and stop time for each trip.
  • Maximum speed and average speed, distance traveled, and fault information with time for the loaded and empty vehicle
  • PC Software is available to download the report (3000 trips storage

Benefits of installing LMS for dump truck are
  • Live monitoring of weight of truck during loading & regulate payload
  • To avoid trips to weighbridge to check weight and return if already overload.
  • To eliminate time&money wasted on back & forth trips to weight bridge
  • To avoid overloading and unsafe trips
  • Avoid penalty and offence records for overload
  • To ensure all trips are legal with maximum trip efficiency
Models And Specification
  1. Operating Voltage: 9-36V DC
  2. No of Analog Channels: 6 CHANNELS
  3. Type of Analog Input:    4-20 mA
  4. Angle sensor: Optional
  5. No of Digital Inputs:4 inputs ( 5-24V DC )
  6. No of Digital Outputs :3 relay outputs ( 24V ) & 3 LED Indication
  7. Communication : RS232 X 1 & CAN X 1
  8. Display type :16 X 2 normal
  9. Keypad :4 Keys
  10. Max records storage capacity : 3000 records
  11. Report Downloading Option : Yes ( USB Port x 1 )

Payload III

provides load data to monitor overload and trip load. Payload III system is used in dumpers where the system calculates the payload of the system during loading. Report is stored with respective date and time of load. This helps the user to monitor the number of loads made by the dumper.

Payload III measures & displays load data for each trip. Features of the system are:

  • Load data for individual trips
  • Date & time of each trip
  • Number of overloads of the vehicle
  • Report download through USB port
Models And Specification
  1. Operating Voltage : 9-36V DC
  2. No of Analog Channels : 4 CHANNELS
  3. Type of Analog Input : 4-20 mA
  4. No of Digital Inputs :  3 inputs ( 12-24V DC )
  5. No of Digital Outputs :  3 relay outputs ( 24V ) & 3 LED Indication
  6. Communication : RS232 X 2
  7. Display type : LCD Jumbo display – 16 X 2
  8. Keypad : 4 Keys
  9. Max records storage capacity : 3000 records
  10. Report Downloading Option : through PC Software
  11. Report Type : No of Records with date , time & Latch weight