KeepFit BMI

What is BMI Machine:

An automatic user friendly Digital system, which measures  the Height, Weight and also calculates the BMI

Fully loaded Micro computer

What is BMI

A mathematical / Medical formula which correlate with the Body Fat of an Individual.

How it Works:

Just to stand on the platform and inserting a coin(s) the system will automatically measure the Height, Weight & BMI and the data will be displayed also gives out Print Slip.

Business Model:

  • Revenue Generation Model- Eg.. Malls, Multiples, Bus stand, Railway Station,Cinema Halls, Hotels etc…
  • Healthcare Model- Hospitals, Daignostic Centers
  • BMI for Corporate- Software Companies, Industries etc..
  • BMI for Scools & Collages- Health Monitoring
  • BMI for  Patient Data Management-
  • Value Addition  – Banks & ATMs


Accufit” The ‘all in one’ system specially designed to measure HEIGHT, WEIGHT & CHEST circumference during recruitments.

Probably the first and only Company introduced the Chest Measuring technology to the World for staff Recruitments. An user friendly Digital system, suitable for ‘On Field‘  staff recruitment Applications

Accurate measurement meeting recruitment standards

Helps resolve recruitment conflicts raised by candidates

Eliminates human errors

Optional camera facility to take photo of border line candidates

PC software with login protection, transaction and summary reports

Model Approved by the Dept of Legal Metrology……