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Batch Weighing

Cumulative Online Weigher

For knowing the cumulative weight of granular solids received or given to the next process.

Models And Specification
Model NoThrough PutBatch CycleAccuracyMOC
AWSFS – COWV88T/Hour25 Kg0.5 %MS/SS
AWSFS – COWV3030T/Hour100 Kg0.5 %MS/SS
AWSFS – COWV6060T/Hour200 Kg0.5 %MS/SS
*Speed and Accuracy depends on the storage and material flowability
Millers currently rely now on inaccurate manual data. They do not know accurately how much raw material
has come in, given to next process e.g. de-stoner, sorter, polisher, final storage etc…
Millers currently do manual bagging of finished
products. Needs more manpower, slow production, excess or under-weight, product losses, not tally.
Our weighmetric flow meter (online weigher) monitors and records the total quantity per hour/shift/day… Various models to suit capacity of 8 to 60 tonnes/hr of Paddy, Rice, Wheat, Soya etc.Our LCS Controls automatically and accurately bags finished products and records count of bags per hour/shift/day… Various models to suit 10 to 50 kg of Rice, flour, dhals etc
Millers notice mistakes happening in truck loading of bags, excess or shortage resulting in customer complaintsOur LCS Controls automatically counts bag for each truck loading and prints report. CCTV and online check weigher option available to check bag weight again just before truck loading.


  • Throughput speed (Maximum 60 Tons / hr @ bulk density 0.5 gm/cc)
  • Displays cumulative total weight
  • Material of construction – either MS powder coated or SS option
  • Safe to operate
  • Easy maintenance – very basic preventive care actions.
  • Weighing even in power shutdown with inverter power
  • Large size bright LED display
  • Data interface to MIS / accounting software
  • Model approved by Weights and Measures department


  • Drier Output in Tea Industries
  • Incoming, Process and Production in Rice, Wheat, Coal, Carbon & Chemical

Fish Weighing (AWSFS-COW)

To Knowing the Cumulative weight of Incoming Fish / Shrimp after removing the Ice…

Models And Specification
ModelThrough PutBatch CapacityAccuracyMOC
AWSFS – COWV8F8T/Hour30 Kg0.5 %SS304
AWSFS – COWV20F12T/Hour50 Kg0.5 %SS304
Speed and Accuracy depends on the storage and material flowability


  • Highly Accurate Weighing
  • Water Wash Proof System
  • Less / No Manpower
  • Supplier Bill / Daily report
  • Moisture Correction
  • 100 varieties of fish
  • Weigh ment Bill through SMS
  • Cloud server data stroage


  • 8T/hr to 12T/hr Throughput speed
  • Display – 6 digits
  • Optional – 4 inch display
  • Supply – 230VAC / 6 bar Air pressor
  • Fully Stainless Steel
  • Accuracy – 0.5%

Batch weigher

For pack sizes from 100g up to 1kg and with a throughput of around 10 – 15 packs per minute

Specifications & Features:

  • Capacity – 100gms to 1kgs in various models
  • Speed – 10 – 15 packets / min (depending on material flow)
  • Multi feed gate mechanism
  • Weight totalizer and no of Packets
  • Multi head option available
  • Hi-speed Micro controller ( UC-100 )
  • Approved by Weights & Measures department
  • MOC : wetted parts are SS304 rest MS
  • Powder coated
  • Optional : PC Connectivity for Data logging

Ideal users:

  • Retrofit for FFS machine
  • Departmental stores – bulk to small packets
  • Small Entrepreneurs for Spices, grains, dhal packing
  • Tea packing industry
  • Detergent powder manufacturing units
  • OEM third-party packing unit


  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Dhall
  • Rice
  • Spices
  • etc..

Multi Component Batching

 For accurate mixing of multiple components based on weight ratios in a batch

Specifications & Features:

  • Max 8 components supported in the standard model
  • Max 50 recipes supported in the standard model
  • Weight tolerance configurable for each component
  • Applicable for free-flowing solids and liquids
  • Gross / Net weight: wide range from 5 kgs to 50 tonnes
  • Interlock signal to blender/mixer/agitator motor during weighing
  • The batch controller works on both standalone and PC host mode
  • Auto / Manual mode switching option to suit the batch situation
  • Coarse and fine filling digital output option
  • Digital output signals for batch over, batch error alarm
  • Production data to MIS / Accounting system
  • Model approved by Weights and Measures department

Liquid Filling System

For batch filling of any liquid into containers as per set point/target weight

Specifications & Features:

  • Containers: Drums, barrels, storage tanks/vessels/hoppers
  • Flexible target weight/set point e.g. wide range of 500 gms to 50 tonnes
  • Valve and pump selection based on viscosity, hazardous nature
  • Weighmetric filling using load cells
  • Retractable nozzle – dips inside drum preventing spillage
  • Explosion-proof or safe zone electronics option
  • Dual filling speed – coarse and fine
  • Integration with PC software and MIS report generation

Tank Weighing Systems

Other key factors are:

  • Tare weight, Gross weight
  • Qty & type of leg stands (three, four, five etc)
  • Presence of agitators/ mixers other vibrating environments
  • Ensuring flexible connecting pipes (inlet/outlet)