Free flow bagging system

The Free Flow Bagging system is Suitable for High-Speed bagging of free-flowing granular solids (Rice, Dhall, Wheat, Grains)

Depending on the speed and economy it can be separated by the following methods

  • High speed Bagging system
  • Turbo bagging systems

High-Speed Bagging System

This system is the single head model which means it consists of only a single weighing hopper
The system used to bag the free flow granular, Ex. Rice Dal, Wheat, etc…

Powder Bagging system

The Powder Bagging system is Suitable for High-Speed bagging of dry and free-flowing powders (Starc, Maida, Flour, Fine sugar, Chemical )

Knowing the Materials

  • The first vital, most important step is to know the flow-ability of your material, commodity that is being bagged.
  • Is it granular solids? Is it powder? Is it free-flowing? Is it dry or it has moisture (sticky)?
  • Can the material easily flow down the hopper by gravity without sticking to the surface? Or whether it requires a forced feeding mechanism i.e. screw feeder?
  • Even little amount of sticking to surface could affect weight accuracy, since what is weighed does not fully gets discharged into the bag

Jumbo Bagging system


  • Are you facing problems with manpower shortage and low production?
  • Are you trying to cut down the increasing manpower costing?
  • Would you like to convert your 40/50 kg bags to 1000kg bags as done by major FMCG?
  • Are you trying to resolve issues related to weight inaccuracy/hygiene/human errors?


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