AccuFit Recruitment scale

Height Measurement

150 cm -200 cm , Readability +/- 0.1cm(1mm)

Weight Measurement

0-150 kg ,Readability +/- 100gm


4 Line LCD display with backlight


Height : 220cm

Chest Measurement

60 cm -135 cm , Readability +/- 0.1cm(1mm)

An embedded & Industrial grade system, suitable for staff recruitments in Government and private sectors.  The system ensures very precise measurement during recruitments and helps for transparent recruiting Process. Heel sensor & Head sensor ensures the right posture for an accurate measurement during recruitment.

The specific “Computerized recruiting Software” with many key parameters helps the recruiting Authorities for a Hassle-free process and for clear Data management.

  • Weight Measuring: Industrial load sensor ensures accurate load measuring. Rugged sensor, ideal for any outdoor application.
  • Height Measuring:  Embedded magnet-based Height Measurement Technology ensures a very precise Height Measurement.
  • Optical Chest Measurement: Designed and developed for Staff recruitment activity. Measures the Chest during Breath Inhale & normal .
  • Computer connectivity:  RS232, by pressing a key, the data will be transmitted to the nearest computer
  • Embedded Display: The high-end technology system will display all the data of Height, Weight and chest measurement at one stretch

Special Features:

  • Heel sensor & Head sensor ensures the right posture of the candidate
  • Assessment of Borderline candidate thru a camera-based process ensures conflict free recruitment.
  • Recruitment results can be Saved, Printed along with Photo of candidate.
  • The Recruiting PC software qualifies / disqualifies the candidate based on the norms laid by the recruiting authorities.
  • The system has the facility to disappear the chest measurement automatically in case of women candidate
  • Report Generation in XL, PDF format consists of Qualified, Disqualified with reason for disqualification.