Payload Monitoring - Onboard Weighing
Payload II


(Dashboard device for dumper trucks, tippers, cranes, loader vehicles)

The need

  • To know accurate weight of total payload on board with < 0.5% accuracy i.e. coal, metals, minerals, solid waste, building materials
  • To track and analyze complete trip details of each truck/vehicle for better utilization of resources increasing profitability
  • Instant and automatic update of data in central servers


  • Indicates Overloads & Down time
  • Enhanced efficiency & profitability
  • Provides MIS info for HR / incentive for drivers.
  • GPRS connectivity for centralized update (option)
  • Eliminates Overload trips by providing interlock signals
  • Max speed storage
Payload III


  • Accepts 4 no. pressure sensors -4-20ma two wire system
  • Input-Neutral to latch weight
  • Output - 2nos One for Amber Lamp and One for RED Lamp
  • 2x16 character LCD display
  • Built in RTC
  • 3000 trucks information with date/time
  • RS232c serial communication to download data
  • Displays latched weight/ trip count/cumulative weight
  • Connectivity – 19pin military grade automotive connector
  • Power: 24 V DC battery input from Vehicle
  • (wide input range 9-36vDC)
Payload Tipper (Payload T)


  • Model : PAYLOAD- T
  • CPU : High speed 16 bit CPU
  • Memory : 5000 trips storage
  • Display : 2x16 character LCD alphanumeric display
  • Analog input : Pressure sensor I/P 4-20 ma, two wire system
  • Digital input : Limit switch I/P
  • Digital output : One output is configured to energise Lamps / audio alarm when lifting the tipper while latching the weight
  • Communication : RS232c output to send stored data to PC
  • Key Pad : User friendly 4 keys are provided
  • Operating voltage : 24v DC ( 18v -32v DC)


Leader in axle based onboard weighing for all suspension types.


The best on-board weighing system for straight rigid body trucks; and for all suspensions - air, leaf-spring and equalizing beam without modifying the truck.


  • Economical solution fitting your budget
  • No modification made to the vehicle
  • Easy deployment (4 hrs). e.g. No lifting of bulky bucket as in load cell method
  • Easy calibration. Not cumbersome as in load cell. No need of multiple test weights
  • In tipper trucks (pressure sensor method), weight known only while lifting of hydraulics. In axle method, weight can be always monitored
  • Axle sensors do not get damaged due to jerk impact / overload as it happens in load cell
Payload - Onboard Weighing Key Clients

Ashok Leyland
Tata Motors
Tata Hitachi