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Online Batch Weighing
Cumulative Online Weigher (AWSFS-COW)


For knowing cumulative weight of granular solids received or given to next process.

Specifications & Features

  • Approx 50 kg net weight per batch
  • Weight accuracy : ± 50 gms
  • Displays cumulative total weight
  • Material of construction : MS or SS
  • Prints bill, custom s/w, accounting interface
  • Large size bright LED display
  • Dual filling speed – coarse and fine
  • Integration with PC software and MIS report generation


  • Drier Output in Tea Industries
  • Incoming, Process and Production in Rice, Wheat, Coal, Carbon & Chemical
S.No Model No Capacity Accuracy Material of Construction
1 AWSFS - COW V0 3 TPH 0.5%

• MS

• SS

2 AWSFS - COW V1S 8 TPH 0.5%
3 AWSFS - COW V1 15 TPH 0.5%
4 AWSFS - COW V2 30 TPH 0.5%
5 AWSFS - COW V3 60 TPH 0.5%

Problems solved with our automation solutions!!!

Millers currently rely now on inaccurate manual data. They do not know accurately how much raw material has come in, given to next process e.g. de-stoner, sorter, polisher, final storage etc…
Our weighmetric flow meter (online weigher) monitors and records the total quantity per hour/shift/day… Various models to suit capacity of 8 to 60 tonnes/hr of
Paddy, Rice, Wheat, Soya etc.
Millers currently do manual bagging of finished products. Needs more man-power, slow production, excess or under-weight, product losses, not tally. Our LCS Controls automatically and accurately bags finished products and records count of bags per hour/shift/day… Various models to suit 10 to 50 kg of
Rice, flour, dhals etc.
Millers notice mistakes happening in truck loading of bags,
excess or shortage resulting in customer complaints.
Our LCS Controls automatically counts bag for each truck loading and prints report. CCTV and online check weigher option available to check bag weight again just before truck loading.

Liquid filling system (AW-LFS)


For batch filling of any liquid into containers as per set point / target weight

Specifications & Features

  • Containers: Drums, barrels, storage tanks/vessels/hoppers
  • Flexible target weight / set point e.g. wide range of 500 gms to 50 tonnes
  • Valve and pump selection based on viscosity, hazardous nature
  • Weighmetric filling using load cells
  • Retractable nozzle – dips inside drum preventing spillage
  • Explosion proof or safe zone electronics option
  • Dual filling speed – coarse and fine
  • Integration with PC software and MIS report generation
Multi-component batching


For accurate mixing of multiple components based on weight ratios in a batch

Specifications & Features

  • Max 8 components supported in standard model
  • Max 50 recipes supported in standard model
  • Weight tolerance configurable for each component
  • Applicable for free-flowing solids and liquids
  • Gross / Net weight: wide range from 5 kgs to 50 tonnes
  • Interlock signal to blender / mixer / agitator motor during weighing
  • Batch controller works on both standalone and PC host mode
  • Auto / Manual mode switching option to suit batch situation
  • Coarse and fine filling digital output option
  • Digital output signals for batch over, batch error alarm
  • Production data to MIS / Accounting system
  • Model approved by Weights and Measures department
Tank / Hopper weighing

What is most critical in design of a correct tank weighing system ? Any guess ?

Yes, you are right!!!... Two critical design factors:

  • Selecting the right load-cell i.e. weight range, type, dimensions and load bearing areas, sensitivity etc
  • Design of a custom mounting assembly compatible to loadcells, accurately transferring the weight/load through the sensors

Other key factors are:

  • Tare weight, Gross weight
  • Qty & type of leg stands (three, four, etc)
  • Presence of agitators/ mixers other vibrating environments
  • Ensuring flexible connecting pipes (inlet/outlet)
Online Batch Weighing Key Clients

Sundram Fasteners Limited.
TATA Cofee
A.V.Thomas & Company Ltd
Pitamber Flour Mills Pvt Ltd
Rishta group
JMP Industry
Khairwala International Ltd.
Maa Durga Foods Pvt Ltd
Jagdambaa Agro Mill Pvt Ltd
Nagraj Paddy Parboil
Katra Phytochem (India) Pvt Ltd
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd
Gadre Marine Exports Pvt Ltd
Park Side Tea Estates
Havukal Tea & Produce
Shri Ramalinga Roller Flour Mills
Diamond Roller Flour Mills
Shanthi Feeds Pvt Ltd
Fowler Westrup India Pvt Ltd
Sukhbir Agro Energy Limited
Indopol Food Processing Machinery
Ideal Foods
Manali Petro-chemicals Limited
Tamilnadu Petro-products Limited
Beam Engineering Private Limited
Hindustan Composites Limited
Kaysons Engineering Works
UNIQUE color sorter
SRF Limited
Saint Gobain
DH Budenberg
Alphaa Springs Chennai (P) Ltd