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Industrial Weighing Automation

Weighing systems are used in many applications, including automation, quality control, data collection & more. These systems help to increase efficiency, decrease deviation from a set standard, and can even make data management effortless. There are many types of weighing system which works closely with customers specific needs.


Offline Checkweigher



Onboard Weighing

We are manufacturers of Onboard weighing systems for Dumpers, Tippers, and Wheel loaders. It provides users the advantage of monitoring the loads without going to the weighbridge, thus reducing the lead time for loading. On the safety part, the system generates an output when the vehicle is overloaded. This feature enhances the safety aspect of the vehicle.

Memory storage, productivity monitoring, and on-spot report obtaining are the key features of the system.

We have the best service network PAN India to serve our customers and strive to add value to their process.

We have years of experience in what we do. Our service, quality & customer relationship has yielded us to install our system in more than 2000+ systems in India.

Indicators & Controllers

Indicator and Controller Systems are used for Fast, accurate, and reliable weighing measurements. A specific, observable, and measurable characteristic that can be used to show changes or progress a program is making toward achieving a specific outcome. The Key function of the Indicators & Controllers is to measure the performance of the system and its sub-systems during a Process.

There are many types of Indicators & Controllers that work closely with customers’ specific needs.

Universal Controller

Weight Transmitter

Weighbridge Terminal

BMI Scales

Preventive is better than curing BMI plays a vital role to monitor our Health & Fitness status. Disproportionate Body Weight is certainly a Health Care Risk Factor. Obesity is a growing Healthcare concern all over the Globe.

Keepfit’ BMI – An automatic system by just to stand on the platform and by pressing a key or inserting a coin(s) the system will automatically measure the Height, Weight & BMI and the data will be displayed also gives out Print Slip.

KeepFit BMI

AccuFit (Height, Weight and Chest scale)